Delaware Riverkeeper Gets a French Kiss from Phila. Inquirer

The Philadelphia Inquirer today runs an extended article on Maya van Rossum, the head of the Delaware Riverkeeper organization, in honor of Worship the Earth Day. Van Rossum’s¬†official title appears to be the Delaware Riverkeeper, an arrogant and pretentious title, like the person that holds it. You may recall the ill-mannered van Rossum disrupted a visit from her demigod, Barack Obama, by shouting at him during a speech¬†in Scranton, PA last year (see Anti-Driller Shouts Fracking Question to Obama in PA Appearance). Fantastically, Delaware Riverkeeper was given standing to participate in the court case that resulted in overturning parts of the PA Act 13 drilling law–even though the drilling industry, which is directly affected by the case, was barred from participating in (see Act 13 Case Goes Back to Court, Drillers Petition to Join Lawsuit).

The purpose of the Philly Inquirer article is to paint van Rossum as a latter day Joan of Arc, a heroine who fights as the “voice of the river.” When in fact she’s rigid, unyielding and unreasonable. Her house is loaded up with expensive solar panels and she drives and electric car–and she wants to make you do the same. We have no issue with eccentric behavior, except when the person exhibiting that behavior demands you go along with it too. And that’s exactly what van Rossum does–she attempts to force her twisted view of the world onto the population at large. Unfortunately she has had more success than we’d like to admit, in part because of sycophantic “reporters” who write worship articles in major newspapers…

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