OH Production for 4Q13: Natgas Up 28%, Oil Up 8%

Last week the Ohio Dept. of Natural Resources (ODNR) released it’s now quarterly production report–for fourth quarter 2013. The report shows natural gas production zoomed up by 28% while oil production increased by 8%. The report shows 352 wells were producing as of the end of the year. They produced a collective 1.4 million barrels of oil for the quarter, and 43 billion cubic feet of natural gas.

Below is an overview and analysis of the numbers, followed by the raw report (spreadsheet format) from the ODNR…

Utica shale natural gas production increased by 28 percent in the fourth quarter 2013, according to data released Friday by the Ohio Department of Natural Resources.

In addition, oil production from the Utica shale jumped by 8 percent from third quarter 2013, the state said in releasing production totals from 352 horizontal wells.

Those 352 wells produced 1,439,308 42-gallon barrels of oil and 43,124,803,000 cubic feet of natural gas, according to the data released by ODNR’s Division of Oil and Gas Resources Management.

Those totals reflect more Utica shale wells being drilled and getting needed pipelines to begin production, officials said.

In the previous quarter, Ohio had data from 245 Utica wells. That data was released on Dec. 31.

Those 245 wells produced a total of 1,332,477 barrels of oil and 33,606,075,000 cubic feet of natural gas in the third quarter.

Of the 352 Utica wells:

  • The average amount of oil produced was 4,089 barrels in the fourth quarter.
  • The average amount of gas produced was 122,514,000 cubic feet.
  • The average number of days in production was 62.

Those average production totals are down slightly from third quarter 2013 totals, and that’s largely due to the increased number of wells reporting, said state spokesman Mark Bruce.

The biggest-producing oil well was Oklahoma-based Gulfport Energy’s Boy Scout well in Harrison County at 26,096 barrels of oil during 80 days of production.

The biggest-producing natural gas well was Colorado-based Antero Resources’ Gary well in Monroe County with 1,329,318,000 cubic feet during 67 days of production.

The state said 45 additional wells listed zero production in the fourth quarter 2013.

Ohio does not require separate reporting of natural gas liquids including ethanes, butanes and propanes. They are included in gas reporting totals, Ohio said.

It is the second quarterly report compiled by Ohio. Previously, Ohio had only required annual reports from drillers.

That changed last fall under Substitute House Bill 59 that went into effect Sept. 29.

Ohio has not yet released production totals from the first six months of 2013.

As of April, Ohio had approved 1,218 Utica shale permits. Of that total, 829 wells have been drilled and 389 wells are in production.*

*Akron (OH) Beacon Journal (Apr 25, 2014) – Ohio’s Utica shale production up 28 percent for natural gas, 8 percent for oil in 4Q 2013

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Here’s the spreadsheet with the raw ODNR data: