RI Politicians Cry to Energy Sec. Moniz About High NatGas Prices

Free enterprise. Capitalism. Freedom. Works every time and in every place that it’s tried. And it works better than any of the alternatives. The opposite is government regulation, restriction, less freedom–and when that’s tried, in places like Rhode Island–you get less of things and higher prices. Which is why Rhode Island officials were crying to Energy Sec. Ernest “Hair” Moniz yesterday. They want relief from high natural gas prices and they (predictably) want “the government” to fix it.

What if, instead, Rhode Island and Massachusetts and other New England states, instead of banning fracking (see Vermont Becomes First State to Ban Fracking) tried capitalism, free enterprise and less government regulation? Hey, there’s a radical idea! Run some more pipelines and start fracking and you’ll see natgas prices drop in New England as it has in other areas. But a dose of common sense is simply a bridge too far for places like Rhode Island…

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