Allegheny Cty Approves Deer Lakes Park Lease, Antis Throw Tantrum

Even though anti-drillers turned out in droves to pack an Allegheny County, PA Council meeting Tuesday night, and even though the Council is packed with Democrats, and even though Council members sat through more than five hours of their own anti-drilling constituents droning on and on about fracking, saying the same stupid things over and over–in the wee hours of Wednesday the Council finally (!) voted to approve a lease for drilling under (not on) Deer Lakes Park (for background, see Allegheny Co Exec Bests Range on Deer Lakes Park Lease Deal). Strangely, some of the Republicans on the Council voted against the plan.

After the vote, the anti-drillers do what they always do–behaved like children throwing a temper tantrum. They hollered, booed and in general made asses of themselves. What will they do now? Burned out hippies need a cause to inject meaning into their otherwise pathetic and meaningless lives. Maybe they’ll try a court case? Who knows–and frankly, who cares. Meanwhile, the grownups, including Range Resources, carry on. Range says they hope to begin drilling under Deer Lakes Park by the end of this year…

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