Correction: Engineering Firm “Impressed” with Fracking in PA

Every now and again (not often!) MDN makes a mistake–and when we do, we always attempt to fix it. Two days ago MDN highlighted an article out of New Jersey about a NJ engineering company, Sadat Associates, Inc., about to open an office in Montrose, PA (see NJ Engineering Firm Coming to Montrose to Clean Up Fracking Mess). Our snarky remark was that the firm may want to keep focusing on polluters in NJ rather than arrive on the scene to “fix” the problems fracking creates in northeastern PA. Our comment was in reaction to a quote from Sadat’s president Lahbib Chibani, who said: “I think they are going to have serious environmental issues if they are not addressed correctly.”

The CEO of Sadat Associates, Marwan Sadat, wrote a gracious email to MDN to set the record straight. He said he believes MDN misunderstood Dr. Chibani’s comment and that Sadat is a supporter of fracking and impressed by what they have observed so far. Here’s is Dr. Sadat’s letter to us…

Dear Mr. Willis,

I read your comments on the Trenton Times article in which Dr. Lahbib Chibani, P.E., of Sadat Associates, Inc. was quoted. I believe you misinterpreted Dr. Chibani’s remarks as we are very much in favor of fracking and feel we can be of assistance to the fracking industry, particularly in terms of assisting with design challenges and working within applicable regulations. Although Dr. Chibani noted that environmental issues must be handled correctly to avoid future problems, which is true of any industry that affects or has the potential to affect the environment in any way, he did not in the least condemn or condone the fracking business or its operations.

As a personal note, I own land in Pennsylvania and time leased it to a drilling company that has installed a major platform on my neighbor’s farm. As an environmental engineer, I was impressed with the operation and have no reason to doubt that the fracking industry can do it right. We hope we can lend our engineering expertise to that effort.

Marwan M. Sadat, Ph.D., P.E.

Our apologies to Sadat Associates. We wish them well with their new practice in Montrose.

*Sadat Associates, Inc. (email received May 5, 2014) – Subject: Sadat Associates, Inc.