Latest Earthjustice Scam: “Clean Air” Petition Signed by 64 People

Here’s a scam for you. If you’re an anti-driller, make up a hokey name like Berks Gas Truth, Riverkeeper, Catskill Mountain Keeper, or Breathe Easy Susquehanna County–claim it’s a huge, many-membered group (when it has half a dozen or less active members), and then be used by a small group of fanatical lawyers in Washington, DC calling themselves Earthjustice to claim “64 environmental and community groups” are “demanding” the federal government, via the EPA, should illegally usurp individual state’s rights and begin regulating the oil and gas industry by the back door–using the Federal Clean Air Act. Which is just what Earthjustice is claiming with its latest publicity stunt. The radical (and small) Earthjustice has prepared a proposed rulemaking petition for the federal EPA and used their loosely affiliated lackeys in the aforementioned “groups” (64 in all) to “sign” the “petition”. And news outlets like the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette fell for it hook, line and sinker, reporting it as real news when it’s nothing more than yet another propaganda play.

When was the last time a group like Earthjustice organized a 3,000-member rally against drilling like was recently held by pro-drillers in Harrisburg, PA (see First-Hand Account of History-Making PA Energy Rally). What’s that…Never? That would be correct. Below is the so-called petition written by a few lawyers in DC, signed by a few devoted anti-drillers from the hinterlands, and packaged as a “movement” of gazillions of people rising up with pitchforks in hand to demand “clean air.” Plueeze…

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