Global Warming, Global Cooling & Natgas Prices

MDN is not a fan of the “man causes global warming by burning fossil fuel” theories that are all the rage these days. The problem, you see, is lack of, well, global warming! No evidence. Take, for example, last winter. Please don’t insult our intelligence by telling us that brutally cold temperatures (the coldest in a generation) are also the result of so-called “global warming.” You don’t get to say that warming also causes cooling–that’s not part of the theory, a theory that says too much carbon in the atmosphere causes temperatures to RISE, not FALL. You don’t get to make up the science as you go to fit your cockeyed beliefs. A flawed theory is a flawed theory. So when we spotted the following summer forecast from Weather Services International, along with their map (below), you’ll understand why we continue to be “warming deniers” and “climate skeptics.” And what does this have to do with Marcellus drilling? A lot, as it turns out…

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