EPA Inspector General: Bring Out the Jackboots on Methane

What do you call it when the U.S. Attorney General won’t do his job to police an out-of-control president who tramples the Constitution? We’d call it political incest. What do you call it when a so-called independent division within the federal Environmental Protection Agency, the Inspector General for the EPA, “criticizes” the EPA and says they aren’t doing enough to stop leaky methane? We’d call it regulatory incest. If it weren’t so tragic and serious, we’d be laughing. But we’re not. Because a report issued by the IG of the EPA last Friday calls on the EPA to start bringing out the jackboots to force compliance with cockamamie and unrealistic standards for what they say is too much methane leaking from pipelines. They couch it in terms of how much money is lost every year, but of course their real motivation is to address “fugitive” methane’s contribution to mythical man-made global warming (that isn’t happening)…

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