MDN Misfire – List of Stories Published Fri, Jul 18 [FREE]

For whatever reason, every now and again our email provider (Mailchimp) screws it up and doesn’t send headlines–or sends only some headlines–in our daily email. That happened last Friday. Two headlines came through, but not the rest, including our lead stories. To compound Mailchimp’s screw-up, we didn’t notice until later in the day–so we screwed up too. Forthwith is the complete list of stories published on Friday, so you’re aware of them…

PA Court Says 7 Towns Can Keep Marcellus Money & Ban Drilling Too
The seven Pennsylvania townships that sued and ultimately won the right to gut the Act 13 law over zoning regulations (Robinson, Nockamixon, South Fayette, Peters, Cecil, Mount Pleasant, and the Borough of Yardley) don’t want drilling in their townships, but they sure love the money that comes from drilling.

Delaware Riverkeeper Wins Right to Get Half-Baked Radiation Data
In January 2013 the Pennsylvania Dept. of Environmental Protection (DEP) announced they would study the issue of radiation levels in shale oil and gas waste (see PA DEP Announces New Study of Radiation in Shale Drilling). The study would take an estimated 12-14 months.

NY Gov. Cuomo in No Particular Hurry to Decide on Fracking
The man-child who can’t make a decision on fracking–New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo–did a sit-down interview with the editorial board of the Rochester Democrat & Chronicle on Wednesday. When asked about fracking, he did what he always does–he made excuses. It seems Gov. Andy is no particular hurry on the issue…

SGICC Grant Funds PA Study on Converting Marcellus Gas to Methanol
The Ben Franklin Shale Gas Innovation & Commercialization Center (SGICC) earlier this week announced they have made a grant (amount undisclosed) to “boutique consulting firm” ADI Analytics to study whether or not it’s economically feasible for PA to convert natural gas to methanol using a small or medium size plant.

Defining Our Terms: Different Types of O&G Reserves
From time to time MDN mentions a driller’s “proved reserves” and sometimes their “unproven reserves.” Like this story from earlier this week: Magnum Hunter Proved Reserves Up 10.7%, Marcellus/Utica Tops; or this story from February: CONSOL Proved Reserves Up 44%, Marcellus the Key. Sometimes we define those terms and sometimes not.

Fisherman: Marcellus Isn’t Causing Fish Kill in Cross Creek Lake
Apparently in the anti-drilling zeal to stop drilling in places like Washington County, PA, some people have made reckless claims that Marcellus Shale drilling has led to fish kills in places like Cross Creek Lake, a 258 acre lake owned by Washington County that sits inside a 3,300-acre county park off Route 50 between Hickory and Avella.

Methane Detection Company – Sensitive Enough to Detect Cow Farts
Yet another example of a company in a far-flung industry that’s finding success by selling a service to the Marcellus drilling industry. Cherokee Helicopter Service in Washington County, PA is working with drillers and midstream companies to detect pipelines and drilling operations that leak methane. The equipment used by Cherokee is so sensitive, it can detect a single cow farting…

Attack of the Drones: Using UAVs to Make Marcellus Safer?
Drones–model airplanes and model helicopters with cameras (or bombs) strapped onto them are all the rage. Even in shale-land! A small start-up company in Pittsburgh is manufacturing quadcopters (a model helicopter with four rotors) that can be used to fly along pipeline routes, carrying equipment to sniff out potential methane leaks.

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