Peak Oil/Gas Site Roots for Frack Bans – Gets It Totally Wrong

What happens when your theory is totally debunked as so much horse feathers? As in, the so-called “peak oil” and lately, “peak natural gas” theory? If you’re a website dedicated to propping up your discredited theories, like, you just double down and keep publishing more “peak” articles–even in the face of overwhelming evidence that you’re wrong. The latest “peak” Oilprice article is a real laugher that says you ought to move away from investing in shale drilling companies cause one or two towns around the country (like Denton, TX) may ban fracking. The article attempts to turn that into a “trend” and, well, if you’re really really really smart and if you can read the stitches on a fastball, the ban fracking fastball is coming–fast…

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