Scientific American Reporter Admits Real Reason He Hates Fracking

For years MDN has made the case that so-called environmental groups and individuals highly placed in the environmental movement are not opposed to shale drilling because “fracking contaminates water supplies” and all of the other arguments they frequently throw out as red herrings to confuse and obfuscate. Recent studies by the federal government and researchers at top universities are proving the converse–that fracking and shale drilling doesn’t contaminate water, the environment, etc. Our observation and contention (for years) has been these people have had a philosophical snap–a mental breakdown–and they now irrationally hate all fossil fuels as a source of energy. Maybe they overdosed on Frosted Flakes and Captain Planet cartoons on Saturday mornings as children…who knows? What is indisputable is their abject hatred of oil and gas simply because it comes from the ground (“extractive”) and it’s based on carbon–the same element their own bodies are based on. How utterly stupid is that? We have yet more proof that these nutters infest even storied publications like Scientific American

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