Wetzel County, WV Schools Score $4.7M Surplus from Marcellus

What a difference a few years makes. Not so long ago school districts in Wetzel County, West Virginia were forced to cut electives and take other belt-tightening measures due to lack of funds. For fiscal year 2013–the current budget year–the school has an extra $4.7 million in revenue to spend (more than 10% of it’s overall budget). It’s a complete reversal from just two years ago. Where did the extra funds come from? Did Sen. Jay Rockefeller open his extensive coffers (worth $100 million or more) and bestow money on the county? Nope. Did the teacher’s union renegotiate salaries down for their members? Not on your life–what are you crazy?! Did the state send along some of its surplus? What surplus? The state actually cut back on their aid to the county. The answer, of course, is that Marcellus drilling has taken off in Wetzel in a big way and property tax collections have gone through the roof…

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