Balancing Act for New Natgas-Fired Electric Plant in NEPA

Something’s gotta give. The Obama EPA has declared war on coal energy. In case you didn’t know, something like half (or more) of the electricity you use in your house comes from electric generation plants powered by coal. Because of much stricter new regulations, many coal generating power plants will close in the coming few years. We either face rolling blackouts from lack of electricity–or something else steps up to the plate to produce that electricity. That something else is most likely natural gas. Either existing coal plants have to change out their technology to be fired by natgas, or new plants built. That’s going to inconvenience some folks. There aren’t enough “isolated” spots to build electric plants that are close to the population centers they serve. We (collectively, as a society) face a balancing act, as Moxie Energy is facing with a planned natgas-fired electric plant near Wilkes-Barre, PA…

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