PA Accountants Love Marcellus Severance Tax (and Smoking Pot)

Two accountants walk into a bar….Wait! No. That’s a story for another blog site. Reboot: The Pennsylvania Institute of Certified Public Accountants (PICPA) has just released a poll of their members. One of the questions asked: How should PA close the state budget gap? The top three choices from the bean counters: (1) privatize liquor stores (69%); (2) implement a severance tax on shale drilling (67%); and (3) legalize pot smoking (27%). There are 22,000 members of PICPA, so if 22% of them (almost 5,000) want to light up a joint, it looks like more than a few in PA believe like John Hanger, Gov.-elect Wolf’s new Secretary of Planning and Policy. Before Hanger dropped out of the governor’s race, he famously endorsed legalizing pot smoking. Maybe PA will become the new Colorado–full of stoners? But we digress. Does anyone else find it suspicious that the people who would have to file reams of tax forms on a severance tax (generating lots of billable hours) are in favor of such a tax? Can anyone say, conflict of interest?…

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