Guts: No New Pipeline in MA? Then No New Natgas for Utility Customers

Finally the chickens are coming home to roost for New Englanders with their “not in my back yard” attitude. Almost from the first day Kinder Morgan announced a plan to build an extension to the Tennessee Gas Pipeline (TGP) from Dracut, NY to the Boston, MA area to bring cheap, abundant, clean-burning Marcellus Shale gas to New England, there have been strong pockets of resistance from some of the lib Dems along the path of the pipeline. One of the strongest pockets of resistance has been Deerfield, MA where they’ve attempted to illegally ban the TGP’s Northeast Energy Direct pipeline (see Deerfield, MA Hoping Kinder Morgan Sues Them over Pipeline “Ban”). In December, Deerfield got a ban of its own–from the Berkshire Gas Company. Berkshire said their existing pipeline feed from the TGP is very close to full capacity and they’ve done everything they can to get more gas to the area. Until/unless the new Northeast Energy Direct pipeline is built, no new customers for natural gas will be added in the Franklin County communities of Deerfield, Greenfield, Montague and Whately. Oh, and if you are an existing natgas customer in one of those communities and you want to convert your electric hot water heater or electric stove to natgas? Too late. If you do it now without notifying Bershire and they figure it out, they will suspend all of your natgas service. The “moratorium” on any new natgas customers or appliances has just grown from the original Deerfield and surrounding areas to include the Hampshire County communities of Amherst, Hadley, Hatfield and Sunderland. No pipeline? No more natgas. It’s that simple you liberal dopes. Such a move by a company takes guts–kudos to Berkshire and its CEO Karen Zink for fighting fire with fire…

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