Texas Fractivist Says Fracking Equals Rape, Earthworks Agrees

If you’re walking down the street in Texas and you see a drilling rig, you darned well better RUN, because that rig may RAPE you. So says Texas anti-drilling activist Sharon Wilson. Wilson’s tweet and statements on the raping of Texans by oil and gas drillers was just too juicy for the odious “environmental” group Earthworks, so they picked it up and re-tweeted it, adding their own endorsement of her words. Wilson went off the rails and lost her cool when the Texas legislature voted to advance House Bill (HB) 40, a bill that would vest more regulatory oversight with the state rather than allowing local town boards to try and regulate drilling on their own. So-called “home rule” is the gold standard for anti-drillers like Wilson. She can go on a perpetual, never-ending tour of local town board meetings to proclaim her lies about fracking and drilling. If home rule is snatched away, why, she’ll have nothing to do!…

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