Study Finds “Fugitive Methane” from Local Utilities Down 36-70%

fugitiveEvery now and again we revisit the manhunt for that vile villain and fugitive from justice–Fugitive Methane (FM for short). FM loves to escape into the atmosphere where, according to the Environmental Defense Fund, it is “a particularly powerful climate warmer – 84 times more potent than carbon dioxide over a 20-year timeframe.” Never mind that the biggest source of FM in the U.S. is cows burping (see Biggest Producer of “Fugitive” Methane is… Cows?!), and never mind the reason for expensive and costly EPA rules to prevent so-called FM in the oil and gas industry is to prop up renewables (see Real Reason for EPA Methane Rules: Prop Up Expensive Renewables). The manhunt for FM in the energy industry continues. We have some disturbing news–for global warming nutters that is. FM coming from LDCs (local distribution companies, or your local gas utility) is, according to a study just published in the peer reviewed journal Environmental Science and Technology, 36% to 70% LOWER than FM levels from the early 1990s, the last time such measurements were made. The kicker? The Environmental Defense Fund was part of the research team studying it and publishing these findings, along with lead researchers from Washington State University. You can be sure this study will get zero pickup from biased mainstream media…

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