Biggest Producer of “Fugitive” Methane is… Cows?!

None other than the federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) says that in 2012 the single largest producer of so-called fugitive methane (CH4) that escapes into the atmosphere was not from landfills, like it used to be. It also was not from oil and gas drilling, as is falsely claimed by anti-drillers. Nope. The biggest producer of methane that steals away into the nighttime sky like a thief, rising to toast us all into marshmallows, is none other than cow burps. Which will of course send the global warming nutters into a tissy, demanding that farmers afix a breathalyzer over the mouths of cows to monitor and capture all of that fugitive, evil methane. Watch out farmers–the nutters are coming for you!

Here’s the story of those impolite cows and their burping, farting ways…

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