PA’s “Coddling” of the Marcellus Industry & Economic Illiteracy

It’s now clear that liberals and Democrats (usually the same) in PA are hellbent on imposing an extreme severance tax on the Marcellus drilling industry. Whether the seven townships that sued the state to overturn large portions of the Act 13 law (eventually winning) are part of the tax conspiracy–we don’t know. Whether intentional or not, the lawsuit by the towns has led to the current situation that a wise, circumspect and reasonable impact fee (instead of a tax that redistributes wealth to people who didn’t earn it) is now in jeopardy and likely a goner (see Happy Story Ends Badly Because of 7 PA Towns). So Libs and Dems, or LibDems, are now beating the drums: tax, tax, tax, tax. They’re actually happy that towns will lose out on millions of dollars of impact fee revenue because they want use it as a political issue–as an excuse to tax out the wazoo.

The sycophantic and slavish media has picked up the meme and LibDem editors are writing op-eds calling for a nosebleed severance tax–like the editors of the Scranton Times-Tribune. The TR editors say the PA state legislature, by not imposing a nosebleed severance tax, has been “coddling” the drilling industry. What they’ve been doing, sychophantic, slavish LibDem TR editors, is fostering an economic miracle happening in PA all around you–an economic miracle that’s the envy of the world! You’re now about to pee all over it and ruin it. Try boning up on an economics course sometime…

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