Still Time to Attend SGICC’s Free May 12 Event & See Cool Tech

Who says there’s no free lunch?! On May 12, you can attend the Ben Franklin Shale Gas Innovation & Commercialization Center’s (SGICC) free event (with lunch!) at the Southpointe, PA Hilton Garden Inn. And what’s the event? It is the unveiling of four winners of the SGICC’s annual Shale Gas Innovation contest. Each year the SGICC runs a contest to highlight early-stage technologies that enhance responsible stewardship of the environment while properly utilizing our bountiful Marcellus Shale as an asset. Four winners (out of the final 14 selected) will receive a $25,000 cash prize each–$100,000 total. The event will celebrate the newest winners and give YOU the opportunity to mill around and review each of the 14 finalists and their truly unique and innovative technologies. Here’s more details and how to register…

On May 12, 2015, the Shale Gas Innovation & Commercialization Center ( will hold a FREE EVENT at the Southpointe, PA Hilton Garden Inn to showcase innovations in the shale energy space. Those who attend will also have the opportunity to congratulate the four $25,000 winners of this year’s Shale Gas Innovation Contest. In addition to showcasing the work of the 14 finalists competing in the Innovation Contest, a session has been added to highlight results from companies awarded grants from the SGICC to advance their new shale energy focused products or services.

The Finals Event & Innovation Workshop will be held from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM on Tuesday, May 12, 2015 at the Hilton Garden Inn in Southpointe, PA.

Attendees will also hear from Bill Hall, SGICC Director, followed by Katie Klaber, President of the Klaber Group on how grant funding provided by the PA Department of Community & Economic Development was used to accelerate efforts to commercialize new technologies for the Oil & Gas industry. This overview will be followed by two panels comprised of small companies that have successfully launched products/services in the industry or are in the demonstration phase. A free buffet lunch will be included.

The day will wrap up with a networking reception with representatives from the participating companies available to highlight their shale gas innovation concepts. Attendees will also have an opportunity to engage with the contest judges who represent 16 major O&G companies and industry service providers.

Click on // to register or to see a list of the finalists and this year’s sponsors.

About the SGICC

The Ben Franklin Shale Gas Innovation and Commercialization Center ( supports and commercializes early-stage technologies that enhance responsible stewardship of the environment while properly utilizing this energy asset.*

Here’s this year’s finalists:

9three Solutions, Inc
Providing inline security devices connected via a centralized private cloud routing server enabling companies to secure various types of hardware including critical Industrial Control Systems

Offering system that converts waste heat to electricity through a unique piston-based Organic-Rankine Cycle (ORC) scalable power solution available from 12-250kW

Fiber Innovation Technologies, LLC
Offering a papermill by-product known as Short Paper Fiber for use as a solidification agent in drilling operations that has superior properties and a lower selling point over the current solidification agents

H Quest Vanguard, Inc
Process that enables manufacturing of a synthetic crude oil through co-processing natural gas with a variety of hydrocarbons and biomass

Identified Technologies
Unmanned Aerial Vehicle and docking system that provides high-res optical, infrared, and gas-sniffing data; autonomously swaps/charges batteries and uploads data to the cloud for access

Next Generation Filtrations Systems, LP
Provides a lubricating fluids purification system that removes particles and volatiles, keeping fluids like new for an almost limitless period of time

U. of Pitt (Radisay Vidic)
Controlled mixing of Mine Drainage and flowback water to deliver desired quality mixture for use in the fracing process by lowering sulfates and salinity

Appalachian Drilling Services, Inc.
Spill proof, skid mounted, rig friendly waste storage units specifically built to withstand life on drilling rigs and mitigate the chances of any type of spill

Fairmont Brine Processing
Evaporation and crystallization process that fully treats wastewater, extracting reusable byproducts; and can formulate fracture stimulation fluids specifically to an operating company’s completion design

FMW Rubber Products, Inc
Offering proven technologies used by the military to provide a portable water storage and distribution systems utilizing reusable bladders up to 250,000 gallons each, and mobile collapsible pipeline systems

HalenHardy, LLC
GritGrab Anti-Slip Surfacing made of fiberglass reinforced plastic, providing a surface that helps dramatically improve traction for workers’ boots, eliminating costly slips and falls

Next Gauge, Inc
Truck Driver Communication and Safety System (TDCS) – web-based portal to extend and enhance safety, communications and compliance of truck drivers serving shale energy sites

PixController, Inc
Methane gas detection system that integrates a digital methane sensor with temperature and barometric pressure data and provides data access via a low power battery operated wireless monitoring backbone

Well Control Technologies, Inc
Patented unmanned “Downhole Liquid Level Controller” system that improves proper well dewatering, significantly increasing yields from wells by eliminating fluid build-up

*Ben Franklin Shale Gas Innovation & Commercialization Center (Apr 28, 2015) – There’s Still Time to Register for the 2015 Shale Gas Innovation Contest & Workshop!