The #1 Factor in Earth’s Temps/Weather (Hint: It’s Not Mankind)

Do you know what the single biggest factor is that governs earth’s weather and temperatures across the globe? If you guessed burning fossil fuels and the amount of carbon in the atmosphere–you would be dead wrong. The single biggest factor affecting our climate has nothing to do with mankind–it is the sun. You know, that bright yellow thing in the sky? The sun heats the earth, and when the sun has sunspots–or radiation storms–that activity causes temps on ole Mom Earth to spike up. What happens when there is an absence of sunspots? What has happened over the past 20 years that there have been fewer and fewer sunspots–the earth stops getting warmer and begins to cool. Nearly all of the opposition to natural gas drilling and pipelines comes from people with an irrational hatred of fossil fuels–people who believe we’re about to fry because of “global warming.” That’s what drives opposition to good, wholesome, beneficial use of fossil fuels. So every now and again we highlight stories on so-called climate change–because that’s at the root of why most people oppose natural gas. Paul Driessen, author of the book “Eco-Imperialism: Green Power – Black Death” and Senior Policy Analyst with the Committee For A Constructive Tomorrow has written a top shelf article on the always excellent Natural Gas Now website. We think this article does a great job of explaining why the earth warms and cools–in cycles. So we’re bringing you his article here in total…

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