Lunacy: NH Group Votes Against Pipeline Because of Global Warming

It’s maddening. It makes one want to scream, “You idiots! Can’t you see the utter hypocrisy?” But it happens more than we’d like to admit. A group of “volunteers” who advise the Select Board in the New Hampshire community of Wilton have unanimously voted to oppose Kinder Morgan’s proposed expansion of the Tennessee Gas Pipeline that would run through Hillsborough County. The reason they oppose it? Natural gas is not a “renewable” energy source. They don’t oppose it because pipelines are unsafe or in any way threaten the environment. Nope. They oppose it because they cling to the belief that mankind is causing catastrophic global warming by using fossil fuels. Meanwhile, everything in their lives is made possible by the very fossil fuels they profess to loathe. And they don’t see it–don’t understand it–don’t seem to comprehend it. We want to point out that, in their own words, they voted against support for the pipeline because they are prejudiced against fossil fuel energy and they seek to deny everyone else the option of using it…

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