Radicalized Ohio U Students Vandalize Pipeline Construction Site

Here is another story in our ongoing series of how people have become radicalized by the Big Green movement, turning into law-breakers in the name of saving Mother Earth. This latest story comes from a hotbed of radicalization–Athens, Ohio–where a small group of Ohio University students, complete with orange T-shirts with the slogan “OU Green Energy NOW!” on them, shoveled dirt back into a trench dug to lay a natural gas pipeline. They also wrapped construction equipment at the site with caution tape and plastered stickers on building materials at the site with labels saying “Recalled Due to Improper Energy Policy”. Once again we see a bunch of (in this case) mis-educated Ohio University students who grew up watching Captain Planet reruns, listening to liberal college professors, and believing every word of what they saw on Saturday morning cartoons and what they hear in the lecture hall–that mom and dad and Big Oil companies are destroying Mom Earth and the polar bears. That is, they’ve been brainwashed and now radicalized…

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