FUD Splatter: PA IFO Says Lower Impact Fee Revenue Coming in 2015

mud splatterIn the midst of a political debate about whether or not to enact a severance tax comes another masterful one-two punch. First punch: the Democrat-controlled Pennsylvania Independent Fiscal Office (which is manifestly NOT “independent” but indeed is VERY dependent–on the Democrat Party) has issued an analysis that the world is ending for the impact fee assessed on Marcellus drillers. The IFO, spreading FUD (fear, uncertainty and doubt) says this year the impact fee is on track to raise the least amount of money it has raised since it’s introduction in 2012 (gasp!). How much less? Somewhere between $14 million and $33 million less (between 6-13% less). Why? Because drillers have slowed down and in some cases stopped drilling new wells due to low prices for natural gas. We note the IFO has never before, according to our recollection, issued such a forecast this early in the year. Why is that? Because the Dems need something/anything to try and bludgeon and bully Republicans into accepting the worst idea ever–taxing a single industry to transfer its wealth to another group of people who don’t earn any wealth on their own–teachers’ unions. Big Education only takes–they never give (except to transfer some of their taken money via union dues back the Democrat Party in a quid pro quo). The second punch then arrives right on cue, from a Democrat sycophantic news outlet publishes this breathless “news”…

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