Group of Bostonians Use Religion to Protest 5-Mile Natgas Pipeline

Every now and again it’s important to connect the dots–yet again–for new readers to MDN. Those who have been reading MDN for several years know that the category of what we broadly call anti-drillers don’t oppose natural gas shale drilling and pipelines and injection wells and railroad transloading terminals and…the list goes on…because of the sometimes legitimate issues of noise and truck traffic and lease abuses, etc. Every industry has it’s negatives. But that’s not why these people in their heart of hearts oppose natural gas. They oppose it because it’s a fossil fuel–which is, as we point out, an irrational position to hold. It’s irrational because the very sneakers on their feet they wear in protest marches, the clothes on their bodies, the materials their homes are built from, the cars they drive, the televisions they watch, the cell phones their faces are glued to, are all products made by with with fossil fuels. Plastics = fossil fuels. Plastics are hydrocarbons–you did know that, right? Hydrocarbons are fossil fuels–oil and natural gas etc. Like cancer metastasizes and invades its host, so too does the cancerous philosophy that mankind by burning fossil fuels is killing Mother Earth. So-called global warming is the philosophy–the point of view–that drives and justifies anti-drillers’ irrational opposition to shale energy. The latest example comes from a group of people in Boston (ab)using religion to oppose a 5-mile pipeline. The stated reason for their opposition? “Climate change is the pressing moral issue of our time, and religious leaders must speak out against practices that are destroying the environment”…

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