PA’s Partisan Gov Wolf Vetoes No-Severance-Tax State Budget

Proving just how partisan (and mean spirited) the Democrats in Pennsylvania have become, every single Democrat senator voted against a Republican balanced budget bill yesterday (highly partisan, those Dems) and when the bill went to Gov. Tom “in over his head” Wolf, Wolf immediately vetoed the budget bill–the first time a sitting governor has vetoed an entire budget bill in 40 years. Tell us again, John Hanger, whose philosophy is “my way or the highway”? It’s certainly not the Republicans’ philosophy. Wolf and the Dems are playing a high stakes game of “chicken.” They are in the minority in PA and they want to see if they can bully, pressure, and otherwise force Republicans to tax the Marcellus Shale industry out of existence in the state. The Republicans, to their credit, are hanging tough. Unfortunately the Republicans don’t have enough of a majority to simply override Wolf’s childish veto–but give it time. Sooner or later, if they hang tough, some Democrats will cave and vote to override the veto…

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