Anti-Fossil Fuel Zealots Press Obama to Ban Drilling on Fed Lands

Dear Leader approvesThe global warming/control-every-single-aspect-of-your-life-for-you nutters are on a rampage. Some 400 “organizations” (mostly individuals) have sent a letter to their Dear Leader, Barack H. Obama, asking the Dear Leader to keep all fossil fuels in the ground. Sensing that their time grows short while Dear Leader is still in office, the nutjobs, wackos and ne’er do wells in the most extreme part of the environmental movement (which is pretty much all of it) are pressing their advantage while they have a sympathetic ear in the White House. The letter, delivered yesterday (a copy is embedded below) predictably uses man-made global warming as the excuse to choke off all further fossil fuel extraction on U.S. owned or controlled land. In good liberal fashion they’ve created a catchy phrase for their effort: “Keep it in the ground.” They’re starting with federally controlled land first–then they’ll go after private land next. Below is the press release from EARTHWORKS, one of the worst of the worst of these lunatic organizations…

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