WEA Challenges Antis to Live Without Fossil Fuels for 5 Days

Take The Challenge BannerLove it, love it, love it! What would it actually be like without fossil fuels in our lives? We hear it all the time–global warming nutters “demanding” we end the use of fossil fuels. Read today’s related story about a group of 400 people who wrote to Obama demanding that he “keep it [fossil fuels] in the ground.” The Western Energy Alliance (WEA) is calling their bluff. The WEA is challenging those who profess to want to end the use of fossil fuels to participate in a Fossil Fuel Free Challenge for five days–so they can see for themselves just what life would be like without the miracle of fossil fuels. The dirty little secret is, they can’t do it, because they can’t live without fossil fuels in their lives. It’s impossible. This is a brilliant move on the part of the WEA–calling the bluff of those agitating for an end to fossil fuels–exposing the lie that it’s even possible…

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