Antis Attempt to Scare Kids with Oil Train “Blast Zone” Propaganda

The Twilight ZoneWarning: You’re now entering… the anti-fossil fuel Twilight Zone. An anti-fossil fuel group that calls itself ForestEthics last week launched what they hope will be a public relations sensation–a campaign to scare the wits out of every person in the country, particularly young children. Their angle? If a rail tanker car carrying crude oil passes anywhere within a mile of where you are–BANG!–it may blow up and if you’re within a mile, you’re in “the blast zone.” They’ve even produced a handy dandy online mapping app where you can plug in your address and see if you live or work or (shutter) go to school in a blast zone. DANGER WILL ROBINSON! RUN FOR THE HILLS!! Of course, this is just another anti-fossil fuel campaign aimed at taking us back to the Stone Ages where we all burn wood for fuel. Oh wait, that creates carbon–can’t do that! Better yet, let’s just extinguish all carbon-generating human life–we’re a just pestilence on precious Mother Earth, ya know…

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