PA Dem Legislators Make Severance Tax Dance Video – LOL

NaeNaeDemocrats in Pennsylvania, in their desperation to sink a money well into Marcellus drillers to fund Big Education and teachers’ unions, have gotten even nuttier than they usually are. So nutty, we’re laughing out loud–at them. Representative Patty Kim (D-Dauphin), someone whose constituents voted for her to go to Harrisburg to get work done, has decided she would rather dance than do the hard work she was sent to Harrisburg to do. Kim’s eight year-old daughter told her mom about the Nae Nae after returning home from summer camp. It gave Kim her latest “brilliant” idea. What’s the Nae Nae? It’s a dance routine, apparently. So Kim, hoping to make a viral Youtube video, enlisted six other legislators, all of them hardened Democrats in favor of a Marcellus-killing severance tax, to dance the Nae Nae with her, on camera, making asses of themselves (watch it below). The message at the end of the video requests viewers to ask their legislators to support a Marcellus-killing severance tax. Kim used $1,000 of her own campaign funds, funds given to her by contributors who thought she was a serious candidate, to make this silly video. At one point the video also films children in a dance routine. What a shame to trick innocent children into supporting your own twisted political agenda. But that’s how Dems operate–brainwash ’em early and often…

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