The Pope’s Global Warming Policies are Killing People [Video]

Pope Francis - No Fracking SupporterA powerful new video has just been released by the Energy & Environmental Legal Institute that takes direct aim at the socialist/leftist policies being pedaled by the Pope and other so-called faith leaders, policies that they hope the United States will adopt to control mythical global warming. The video (watch it below) says that such policies in Europe have already led to the death of thousands of the poor and elderly. How? Electricity and energy prices in places like Germany and other European countries has gotten so high the most vulnerable can’t afford it. Electricity has become a luxury for many–and they end up freezing to death in the winter and frying to death in the summer. No, we’re not being melodramatic to make a point. This is happening–right now. Watch the video. People are dying because of government policies that aim to end the use of fossil fuels–policies like Obama’s proposed Clean Power Plan. These policies are stark, raving, mad–and it must stop. People like the Pope and other religious leaders need to be opposed when they erroneously wander into politics and advocate for government policies that kill the very people they say they want to help…

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