States Gear Up to Fight Obama’s Illegal Clean Power Plan in Court

see you in courtIn August our Dear Leader, Barack Hussein Obama, introduced his latest edict called the Clean Power Plan. The plan uses the federal Environmental Protection Agency to completely eliminate coal-fired electric plants, and greatly diminish natural gas-fired electric plants (see Obama Stabs Natural Gas Electric Plants in Clean Power Plan). It is the latest in a long line of illegal presidential edicts coming from the Obamadroids. In short order 15 states sued the federal government to stop this madness (see Ohio and 15 Other States Ask EPA to Delay Clean Power Plan). But a federal court refused to allow the implementation to happen while the lawsuit grinds through its process (see Minor Setback: Fed Court Tells States “No Delay, Yet” re Obama CPP). Planning for implementation is now underway and an EPA flack spoke to the press to share how pleasantly surprised she is that most states are completely docile and willing to be screwed this way. With the final printing of the rule in the Federal Register today, states will now have up to 60 days to file new lawsuits to stop it. You can bet your bottom dollar they will…

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