26 States Ask Federal Court to Shut Down Clean Power Plan Now

shut it downMDN has highlighted in several posts the draconian and dictatorial Clean Power Plan (CPP) issued by B.H. Obama’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Not only will Obama’s CPP outright assassinate the coal industry in this country, it will deliver a mortal wound to the natural gas industry, a wound it may not survive (see Obama Stabs Natural Gas Electric Plants in Clean Power Plan). The EPA intentionally delayed publishing a final copy of the plan (by 87 days) in order to run out the clock. They knew the sooner they published, the quicker lawsuits would be filed that may defeat the plan. By delaying, they force states to begin implementing the plan because they dare not be caught in violation in case they lose the court battle. Sleazy in the extreme. Once the plan was published in final form, states immediately filed a lawsuit against it (see States Gear Up to Fight Obama’s Illegal Clean Power Plan in Court). The number of states suing the EPA to stop the CPP now numbers 26–over half of these United States of America. The lawsuit also includes dozens of business groups. They are all asking the federal courts to immediately stop any implementation of the CPP while the lawsuit has a chance to work its way through the court system–which will likely take years. This time, as a Wall Street Journal editorial points out, the courts may just grant the stay and shut down the CPP…

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