Obama Releases Timeline for Fed Power Grab of O&G Regulation

It’s time for the individual states of these United States of America to tell the federal government to screw itself–and REFUSE to comply with directives from the totally out-of-control Environmental Protection Agency and Obama’s so-called Clean Power Plan. Some 26 states (over HALF) have sued to stop the plan (see 26 States Ask Federal Court to Shut Down Clean Power Plan Now). The lawsuit isn’t slowing down the Dictator in Chief, Barrack Hussein Obama, whose administration on Friday released a timeline for a final push next year to take away more rights and freedoms granted under the Constitution by forcing the CPP down the throats of states who won’t comply. Obama and his various departments are going to illegally regulate oil and gas (something the Constitution leaves to the individual states)–unless we stop him. We say the states should rise up and refuse to comply and, if necessary, create a Constitutional crisis–if that’s what it takes…

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