Duke U Study: Property Values Drop When Marcellus Drilling Begins

Once or twice a year anti-fossil fuel “researchers” at Duke University issue another “publish or perish” term paper that takes aim at the Marcellus/Utica and call it a study. A few weeks ago the latest in a string of such biased reports was issued by Duke–this one claiming that property values go down when Marcellus Shale drilling comes to a community. Three researchers wrote the report. One of the researchers is from the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF). The EDF is as anti-drilling as any of the far-left enviro-Nazi groups like the Sierra Club, Food & Water Watch, various Riverkeepers, et al. But the EDF usually tries to work with the industry, which often ostracizes them from the kooks on their left. It’s disappointing to see the EDF piling on in this latest sham study. The study is titled, “The Housing Market Impacts of Shale Gas Development” (full copy below). The problem for this study is that there are numerous other studies that look at property values and conclude the opposite–that property values go UP when drilling comes to an area. When you dig in to the the Duke study you’ll find that in some cases they did find property values increased, and other cases values decreased. We bring you this study to prepare you for the onslaught of sycophantic mainstream media stories that will mention it a time or two and then move on–typical “drive by” misinformation from the media where truth is the casualty…

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