EPA’s Use of Social Media Propaganda to Support WOTUS was Illegal

EPA-logo.jpgThe politicization of the federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)–a government agency that should be, by law, devoid of politics–has caught up with the Obama Administration. The Government Accountability Office (GAO) has found that the EPA, in using social media to urge the public to back Obama’s aggressive new redefinition for Waters of the United States (or WOTUS), was in fact illegal. We previously wrote about this draconian new “rule” ginned up by the EPA and the Army Corps of Engineers (see EPA Power Grab: Redefines Waters of the U.S. to Include Everything). The EPA broke the law by engaging in overt politicking–pushing “propaganda” (the word used by the GAO) to support the WOTUS rule. The GAO has just released a sweeping opinion (full copy below) that details chapter and verse just how the EPA broke the law with their propagandizing on social media. The question we have is this: If somebody broke the law, will somebody go to jail? Fat chance. None other than the New York Times was forced to cover the EPA propaganda story–something distasteful and a bit beneath the erudite reporters at the Times

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