PA Senator Predicts Chesapeake Energy Goes Bankrupt Within a Year

drugs.jpgThe failed Governor of Pennsylvania, Tom Wolf, “100 percent guarantees” an oil and gas severance tax will be part of next year’s state budget. That’s the claim made by Wolf’s inept Policy Secretary, John Hanger, last Friday. What hubris. Wolf and Hanger can’t even get THIS YEAR’S budget done! Nearly six months late!! And already they’re trying to grab money for next year. Democrats have a heroin-like addiction to OPM–Other People’s Money. (Coincidentally, when John Hanger ran for governor himself, he ran on a platform of legalizing marijuana, see Pass One Last Joint for John Hanger.) The problem (for Wolf and Hanger) is this: the shale industry in PA is in retrograde. It’s receding, not expanding. Drilled wells are either not being hooked up in the first place, or they’re being turned off, called being shut-in. When that happens, less gas flows–less gas to tax. Another lesson Dems never learn: You ALWAYS get less of what you tax, not more. It’s simple economics. A Republican State Senator from York, PA (Wolf’s home town) wrote Wolf a little love letter to school him in the economic realities of his bogus claim that “next year” he’ll get a severance tax. State Sen. Scott Wagner predicts, among other things, that Chesapeake Energy, PA’s largest natural gas producer, will file for bankruptcy within a year…

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