Black & Veatch Warns Electric Plants, Time to Prep for CPP is Now

We’ve written plenty about Obama’s abominable Clean Power Plan, including an article yesterday about how the original plan was corrupted by radical environmentalists to freeze out natural gas (see How Environmentalist Radicals Ruined Obama’s Clean Power Plan). More than half of all states have joined a lawsuit to oppose this draconian “rule” (really an un-legislated law) that would force electric power plants to abandon using coal, natural gas and other fossil fuels in favor of obscenely high-priced so-called renewables. Electric rates will go through the roof, and it’s no joke there may be rolling brownouts and blackouts if fully adopted–we simply can’t generate the amount of electricity we need using renewables. Not now, not for several generations. No wonder states are suing to stop the CPP. But here’s the problem: If power generators don’t start to “comply” with the CPP now, if those lawsuits are not won for whatever reason, energy companies risk being shut down–fined out of existence. Obama and his cronies are using fear of a jackbooted government to force electric generators to comply now–and after they do, even if Obama loses in court he’s still won because he’ll say, “See, they’ve already complied, so it doesn’t make any difference that the regulation was struck down. We’ve made the U.S. a cleaner place. I did it. Me me me. Look at me.” Utter nonsense, but that’s the strategy. Black & Veatch, a huge engineering and construction firm that builds major projects for the energy industry is only too happy to help energy companies comply with the new CPP rules. Black & Veatch says, in essence, that energy companies shouldn’t sit on their hands, hoping to win the lawsuit. The time to act is now…

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