Obama’s Interior Dept. Sneaks in New Rule to Limit Methane

Once again our Dictator in Chief, Barack Hussein Obama, is acting like a tinpot despot ruling a Middle Eastern country, not like the President of the United States. Last Friday, lost amid the Friday afternoon document dump and news about the blizzard in DC, Obama’s Dept. of Interior posted a new rule (i.e. should be a law, but they’re doing another end-run around Congress) that will make it all but impossible for oil and gas drillers to drill on federal lands. The new 298-page rule requires companies to use expensive equipment to capture every last molecule of methane, the stuff these companies already capture so they can sell it, to prevent any “fugitive” methane from escaping into the atmosphere where it contributes to mythical global warming. Obama has also hiked the price drillers will pay to drill on federal lands. The aim is, of course, to shut down drilling on all federal lands…

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