Pipelines – The Safest Form of Transportation in Existence

Lately we’ve repeatedly seen references in articles about pipelines, especially those planned for New England, that make an implied threat that a pipeline located near a home or business is a threat. In some cases antis throw around reckless language like pipelines are the equivalent of unexploded bombs–just waiting to explode. It is one of the scare tactics used to smear what is, hands down, the safest form of transportation in existence. In fact, a recent announcement from the American Petroleum Institute, in commenting on proposed new rules and regulations for pipelines coming from the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration’s (PHMSA), points out that, “more than 199,000 miles of liquid pipelines [in the U.S.] transport about 16 billion barrels of crude oil and petroleum products per year at a safety rate of 99.999 percent.” That’s for liquids in pipelines. For gas pipelines it’s the same. Can you imagine any form of transportation with a safety rate of 99.999%? That’s like one or two accidents per year–statistically zero. And yet antis continue to create a bogyman of pipeline problems where none exist…

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