US Gasoline Prices Lowest Since 2009 – Thx to Fracking

The average price for gasoline in the United States is now $1.99 per gallon. That’s the lowest price it’s been since 2009, the year Barack Hussein Obama was coronated as our dictator-in-chief. After Obama took office the price of gasoline steadily went up, until 2012. Since that time (Obama’s second term) the price of gas has remained steady and, recently, has dropped. Why? The miracle of fracking and horizontal drilling. Because of a new abundance of crude oil being produced in the United State, which caused Saudi Arabia to pump oil like there’s no tomorrow to defend their own market share, the world is now awash in oil, driving the price down. Gasoline is refined from crude oil, so eventually the price of gasoline followed the price of oil down. And it’s all because of fracking and the private sector–nothing to do with the government policies or Our Dear Leader…

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