Report: Benefits of a Second American Shale Boom

A fascinating new research paper just published by conservative think tank Manhattan Institute says there IS an antidote to being manipulated by America’s enemies, many of them members of OPEC. There IS an antidote to wild price swings in oil and gas prices. There IS an antidote to the poor economic conditions we experience here in the U.S. under Barack Obama. Know what it is? A second shale boom. IF the U.S. were to become the dominant exporter of energy around the world, we reap economic and geopolitical benefits like you can’t believe. In “Expanding America’s Petroleum Power: Geopolitics in the Third Oil Era” (full copy below), the author notes that the number of cars in use worldwide has risen threefold, aviation miles have gone up sevenfold, and maritime shipments increased threefold in the last 40 years. What powers 95% of that transportation? Oil and its derivatives. We need a second American shale boom and we need it soon. Read about it below…

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