Residents of NEPA Village Want Marcellus Leasing & Drilling

We’ve written in the past that in most cases villages and cities don’t participate in leases and being drilled under not because of any inherent danger (the drilling happens a mile or more down, through solid rock), but because of practical reasons. It’s far easier in time and effort and expense to lease the property of two or three farmers/landowners who own hundreds of acres than it is to lease tiny quarter-acre or less parcels you find in a village or city. One drilling unit is sometimes one or two landowners (maybe a half dozen at most), whereas a drilling unit of one square mile (640 acres) in the village may involve hundreds of landowners. Those hundreds all need to read and sign a lease, and their deeds need to be research to be sure it’s a clear deed and the person signing actually owns the mineral rights. It’s a daunting task. But some communities are up for the challenge. In some communities, like New Milford, PA (in Susquehanna County, about 20 miles from MDN headquarters), the village (in this case called a borough) some residents WANT to sign a lease and get drilled under. The borough held a meeting last week to discuss the possibility…

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