Dimock Trial Starts Today – 2 Families Try to Shake Down Cabot

Dimock, PA is the story that just doesn’t die. We thought the story of methane migration into nearby water wells in a small area of Dimock, PA (from Cabot Oil & Gas wells) had long since been put to bed. There were 14 families along the Carter Road area that reportedly experienced turbidity in their water from methane migrating from drilling operations nearby. The state Dept. of Environmental Protection investigated in 2010 and declared Cabot guilty and imposed some pretty stiff fines and requirements, including a requirement to install permanent water treatment systems at each home and even an offer to each of the families to pay twice what their property was worth at the time (see PA DEP Takes Aggressive Action Against Cabot Oil & Gas over Dimock Township Methane Contamination). We won’t recount all of the twists and turns we documented over the years, including research that showed Cabot wasn’t responsible for the methane migration. All of the properties either sold to Cabot or got their water systems repaired–except for two holdout families who are riding the horse of hope that they can sue Cabot for big money and retire millionaires. Of course the only people making money on the lawsuit are their lawyers–but that doesn’t seem to bother them. The final two holdouts in Dimock get their day in court beginning today. Except their lawyers sleazily tried to sneak in a bunch of “evidence” at the last minute–and the judge has ruled they can’t use it. In fact, the judge called the move a “sad and shocking spectacle.” No one can predict the court’s outcome for sure, but given what’s happened so far, it’s pretty easy to predict that Cabot will win this one and then the final chapter will be written in the long, sordid tale of how anti-drillers tried to demagogue the Dimock situation–and lost…

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