The Marcellus Landman Leaveth

The person who negotiates leases for drilling and pipelines (and for other oil and gas related transactions) is called a landman–regardless of whether the person doing the negotiating is a man or a woman. Landmen play an important part in the shale business–including here in the Marcellus/Utica. Sometimes they’re reviled as being “high pressure”–as in “sign this lease now while I’m here, I won’t come back, this is your one and only chance.” We don’t like landmen like that. But there are those who do the job and do it well–and we cherish them. They don’t use high pressure tactics, they wait for you to run your lease by a lawyer (as you ALWAYS should). They come back. They keep at it. They’re the best kinds. Thing is, landmen in the Marcellus/Utica are now a dying breed. They’re changing jobs. Why? Because there’s so little leasing going on these days. A recent article highlights the situation of what we call the Landman Leaveth…

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