30 Big Green Groups Ask FERC to Pay Them to Oppose Pipelines!

In a day and age when we see our country slipping away from us at an alarming rate, and we witness outrage after outrage, when yet a new outage appears, it’s hard to focus attention on it and get worked up about it. We’ve told you the about the latest angle of attack against the fossil fuel industry by fossil haters like THE Delaware Riverkeeper. That angle is to attack the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) with multiple lawsuits, hoping to tie it up in knots and make it dysfunctional (see THE Delaware Riverkeeper Sues FERC, Tries to Close it Down and Dela. Riverkeeper Sues FERC Again – Over Leidy Pipeline Expansion). Here’s the latest outrage that has us hopping mad. Some 30 Big Green groups have filed a petition with FERC asking the agency to set up an Office of Public Participation. The groups, including such luminaries as the Sierra Clubbers, National Resources Defense Council and the Environmental Defense Fund, want to be able to aggressively challenge pipeline (and other) projects that come before FERC–and get this, they want to be compensated for the work they do to challenge those projects! Can you believe it!! They want TAXPAYERS to pay their staffers and lawyers to try and stop the very projects that benefit those same taxpayers! Simply amazing. We’ve truly fallen Through the Looking Glass, Alice…

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