Anti-Fossil Fuel Insanity Metastasizes in Brains of Rockefellars

Question: How did John D. Rockefeller make his billions? Answer: Oil. John Rockefeller worked hard and integrated multiple Pennsylvania refineries into a single company that eventually became Exxon Mobil–the largest oil company headquartered in the U.S. (and one of the largest in the world). As often happens with the generations that follow the one who worked so hard to establish a family fortune–the kids and grandkids and great grandkids were soft. Clueless. Everything handed to them on a silver platter. Which left their brains susceptible to the virus of liberalism–a virus that kills brain cells and renders its victims blubbering idiots. And that’s just what has become of the Rockefeller clan. How’s this for ironic? Last week the Rockefeller heirs announced they’ve sold off all remaining Exxon Mobil stock they owned because Exxon has engaged in “morally reprehensible conduct.” What kind of egregious conduct have they engaged in? Paying for prostitutes to visit drilling platforms offshore for their workers? Bulldozing neighborhoods in poor, third world countries so they can extract oil and gas? Espionage against competitors? Nope. None of those things. The “morally reprehensible conduct” is that Exxon won’t admit that mankind is causing Mom Earth to catastrophically warm up. And that, dear reader, is the highest sin that can committed against the new climate change religion. Which is why we say anti-fossil fuel insanity has fully metastasized in the brains of the Rockefeller clan…

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