Carbon Crazies Try to Scare Investors Away from O&G Companies

Ever hear of the concept called “the carbon bubble?” No, we hadn’t either. It is a concept floated in 2011 by the radical Carbon Tracker Institute and made popular a year later by global warming climate kook Bill McKibben. In essence, McKibben and others are trying to scare investors away from investing in fossil fuel companies because, they claim, renewable sources of energy are coming on strong and will make fossil fuel companies worthless. We’re pretty cynical. We don’t think McKibben and others actually believe in man-made global warming from fossil fuels any more than they believe in the tooth fairy. We think it’s an elaborate sham to eliminate personal liberty and choice–forcing people to behave in ways McKibben and those of his ilk want them to behave. They pretend to be the smart ones that know better than we which energy sources we should be using. A recent Forbes magazine article does a good job explaining, and debunking, the false “carbon bubble” theory…

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