Facebook Censors Dimock Trial Stories; Judge Tosses Part of Case

Radical environmentalists have a lot in common with Benito Mussolini and Adolf Hitler. They’re Fascists who brook no dissent from their twisted view of reality. Case in point: Phelim McAleer, the filmmaker who made the FrackNation documentary, has attended and covered the happenings at the Dimock trial for the past several weeks. We’ve carried most of Phelim’s reports here on MDN, including the hilarious way the plantiffs’ so-called expert, Dr. Tony Ingraffea, tried to avoid answering Phelim’s questions outside of the courthouse (see Dimock Trial: Ingraffea Day 2 – Hides Behind a Woman’s Coat). Being exposed as the frauds they are doesn’t sit well with radical environmentalists who have so much invested in the fiction of “water contamination” in Dimock. Phelim is one of the few (two, actually) outlets where we’re learning the truth about the Dimock trial. The news coming from the trial is so bad for the antis, mainstream media has a self-imposed news blackout on the trial–hoping the masses don’t notice it. Phelim has filed his reports on the FrackNation Facebook page. And herein lies the the ugly side of radical environmentalism. The anti-fracking movement began flooding Facebook with complaints about Phelim’s posts regarding the trial, and Facebook actually took down several posts, and locked down the FrackNation page on Facebook for 24 hours with a warning to cease and desist from posting new Dimock stories. Amazing! Someone tells THE TRUTH about a trial in Scranton, PA and Facebook censors it! Based on a hate campaign launched by radical environmentalists. The good news is that Facebook pulled its collective head out of its rear-end long enough to figure out this was a Fascist job by antis and they’ve now restored the FrackNation page and resurrected the deleted posts…

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