NOAA Data Shows No Global Warming for Last 58 Years

From time to time we revisit the issue of man-made global warming because so much (really all of) the opposition to fossil fuels, including clean-burning natural gas, comes from a misguided belief that mankind is catastrophically causing the earth to heat up by burning fossil fuels, contributing large amounts of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere. It’s a nice story. It makes libs feel good about themselves. But the problem is, it’s just not true. No matter how many times we say “it’s not true!” most folks pause and think, “All of those scientists can’t be wrong, can they?” The problem is, belief in global warming is not universal–not anywhere near it. Those who do believe it are vocal, while those who would rather let real science do the talking, don’t say anything for fear of being mocked and ridiculed. It’s time to stop being afraid. We have real science on our side. We’ve previously pointed out that global warming hasn’t been happening for nearly 20 years (see Inconvenient Global Warming Fact: Avg Temp Hasn’t Risen in 18 Yrs). You might think the global warming idea has only been around for the last 20-30 years. You would be wrong. Mankind has been obsessed with both global warming and cooling for 100 years (see Global Warming Meme has Been Around Nearly 100 Years). There have been a few brave souls who have stood up to the climate changer bullies, including the co-founder of Greenpeace (see Greenpeace Co-Founder Says Mankind Doesn’t Cause Global Warming). One of the biggest frauds in the global warming debate has been the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). They cherry-pick and doctor their own data in an attempt to prove global warming exists. But using NOAA’s own data, scientists have found that the earth HAS NOT BEEN WARMING FOR 58 YEARS!…

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